Thursday, March 31, 2011

Justifying my existence (or my blog's, anyway)

This is not my first stab at blogging. I've done others before, but I've always strayed from the intended topic and eventually let them kind of wither away. So why start a new blog? Simple: I intend this one to cover areas into which I have strayed in previous ones. I am also giving myself a wider set of constraints. Rather than trying to create a blog about, say, music composition, I intend this one to cover a broad range of topics, the common thread being an examination of the human condition. Beyond all else, this has always been my central interest, expressed in music, writing, or other forms.

I intend to write about any and all aspects of life, the universe, and everything, as ideas shoot their way through my cortex. I hope to gain some insight into my own existence in the process. I do not intend this to be some sort of personal diary or confessional. While I will naturally gravitate toward topics close to my heart, and surely I will use examples from my life and draw from its events, this blog will be neither a biography nor some sort of myopic rant about my own life. I've done those before, and they are deeply unsatisfying. I like to mix intellectual depth with humor, which I believe to be a key ingredient to successful existence, and I do not shy away from disturbing or controversial subjects. I make no bones about my preference for heady, cerebral topics, but I am never intentionally condescending.

Ideally, there will be conversation. I welcome comments (including dissenting views) - I only ask that commenters maintain a respect for the content of the blog and the other people here. If you don't like me or my writing, don't read it. Please just don't be a jerk here.

I am writing all this as if there is someone out there reading it, when I know that I have not yet even told anyone about this blog yet. But hopefully someone out there will eventually read this. If that's you, welcome. I hope something here moves you and that you join the conversation if you are so compelled.

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